New Equipment

Specializing in NEW finishing machinery for knits, wovens, and nonwovens.

InspirOn Tenters /
KAPrec Heat Recovery Systems

(through Kusters-Zima)

InspirOn was a licensee of Monforts through 2014, and has manufactured over 200 tenters for the Indian market and surrounding areas. Designed by well-known German engineers, InspirOn can provide a variety of tenter types, including pin, clip, and pin/clip combination machines. Full ranges are available and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Mascoe Systems

Mascoe Systems is well known for producing quality fabric coating systems, but also offer specialty coating
machines, foam generators, coater and shear blade regrinding services, coater refurbishing services, fabric
handling auxiliary equipment, and commission finishing/coating services. Sales area is the USA.

beba Technology

Foam generators for the textile and nonwoven industries, utilizing a unique aeration system for perfect foam.

Monforts Spare Parts

In cooperation with the family of Joe Okey, former President of American Monforts, the remaining spare parts
that he had are available.